Quicker than a Kardashian: the solemn and holy estate of divorce

8 May

My marriage to Theresa Anne “Reese” Darby ended at 1:21 p.m. Monday in the judge’s chambers in the Austin County Courthouse in Bellville, Texas, as my now-ex-father-in-law, an attorney, whisked through the legalities so quickly you’d have thought he was afraid the either would wear off.

Then we returned to Houston for the divorce reception at Leon’s Lounge, where our minister, the Rev. Christian Chiari, Doctor of Divinity, Doctor of Philosophy and Universal Philosopher of Absolute Reality, Universal Life Church, led us in renewing our vows — before concluding:

In so much as Reese and Devon first consented to live apart in wedlock, bearing witness to the travesty of justice that is marriage inequality, and have fulfilled their vow to divorce quicker than a Kardashian once the state of Texas permitted it, I now pronounce them ex and ex. .. Let them eat cake.

Thanks to all who attended either our wedding, divorce, or both, and to all who participated in the discussions it helped generate.

And thanks most of all to Reese, whose 11th-hour proposal on Twitter made it all possible. As we stated in our vows, I will attach her last name to my own, always remembering to faithfully hyphenate, to honor the important milestones we’ve shared. She’s my ex-wife for life, which makes me the luckiest gay alive.

One Response to “Quicker than a Kardashian: the solemn and holy estate of divorce”

  1. Joe May 27, 2012 at 2:42 pm #

    BRAVO!! I love a happy ending and people with a goddamn sense of humor!!

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