Bless this divorce

4 May

When appropriating wedding-cake toppers for a divorce cake, it’s not easy to find a pair that hint at why the relationship was destined to fall short of six months:

Hours after my marriage to Reese Darby ends in judge’s chambers on Monday, May 7, the same minister who married us will preside over a brief ceremony at Leon’s Lounge during which we’ll feed each other the first piece of divorce cake before sharing the rest with those gathered to celebrate either the sanctity of our divorce or happy hour. This will conclude our social sculpture The Art Gay Marries a Woman.

Reese and I are preparing an archive of documentary materials related to our marriage that will include a recorded conversation between husband and wife. Or ex-husband and ex-wife, if we don’t get around to recording it before the divorce party.

In the meantime, if you want to make it with a married dude, this is your last weekend to make it with this one.

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