In the air

12 Jan

Just found out this morning that my parents, who live in Des Moines, know more than they’ve been letting on, which is only surprising because they — Mom especially — have given Oscar-worthy performances at seeming oblivious.

Knowing this even a day or two earlier would have been incredibly helpful. To make matters worse, today’s snow in Chicago will be heavier than I was expecting a few days ago. So I don’t know what the next few days will hold, but already I can tell you the travel page is outdated and will be updated soon. Iowa is off the itinerary. Nothing good can come of seeing them at this time.

One Response to “In the air”

  1. hjbott January 14, 2012 at 7:08 am #

    Devon, I lived in Des Moines, maybe in the fourth grade. Revisited in 1993 looking for the school and/or the apartment we had lived. A miserable time with bullies at school but was a good student. Also tried to get a show at the Des Moines Art Center on the revisit. Told that my work was not relevant to their audience. So it goes. There are many ways for curators to say no. Had heard that from art dealers, never from a curator. Art experiences always seem to be the micro of the macro.

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