DB-D true Hollywood, Fla. success story

20 Dec

I didn’t try to escort while I was in Florida, partly because it wasn’t a particularly good market for me when I used to visit in the early Devon days — too much competition and too few diary readers there, as I recall. Additionally, my remaining vacation pay from the Houston Chronicle came in during my stay, so I had some income, and at any rate there was too much going on between the art fairs, my visits to the strip joints and the constant flood of memories the trip brought back.

But I did return to Hollywood, where just before and after the fairs I’d picked up a couple batches of I-know-that-ho stickers, which were expertly produced by a union shop named, aptly enough, Union Printing. (Just because I’m disorganized doesn’t mean my labor has to be.)

There — Hollywood, not Union Printing — I made my first reentry into sex work at the home and studio of Paul Bryson, whom I’d met online on a gay non-escort website we both frequent. Bryson’s proclivities and take on masculinity and casual sex match perfectly with my own, so I was excited to be filmed for one of his upcoming Flex-Studio.com productions.

My first-time-in-a-long time jitters notwithstanding, it felt far more natural than other professionally shot adult fare I’ve done. After working out for awhile in gym shorts and a tight red muscle shirt, at Bryson’s bidding I flexed for the camera in increasing states of undress. He quickly picked up how much I enjoy getting punched in the abs and chest.

Paul Bryson's video still of Devon Britt-Darby from an upcoming Flex-Studio.com video

When the situation was coming to a climax a he mounted the camera on a tripod and joined me for the final jack-off scene. Afterwards we hung out and swapped stories while he showed me beautiful large prints of his aerial photography, which is what he does by day. (His bosses know what he does by night, too, enabling Bryson to live openly and unconflictedly.)

As I travel the country honing my vision for my next long-term project — a multipurpose space that would bring my various worlds together the same way my social-sculpture wedding did, it’s only fitting that I met Bryson along the way.

A self-described redneck who’s bounced back from more hard knocks than I can imagine — including working as a day laborer for $50 a day — Bryson now literally soars above the rest of us by day, seeing and recording beautiful sights most of us can only dream of capturing, then swoops down to the sexiest parts of the gutter by night to make still more beautiful images. Like me, I believe he makes no distinction between the two except with regard to the contrasting technical or logistical challenges they present.

I count Bryson as a new friend and a true inspiration, someone who beat the odds to live in as open and exemplary a fashion as I hope to. And I’m honored he chose to make me part of his body of work.

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