Flashback: The popcorn ball epiphany — June 19, 2002

12 Dec

One of my projects during the first round of my career as an escort involved interviewing various sex workers and clients around the United States about their experiences in the industry for a documentary that was never realized, although I worked on it on and off until I reached a point in my 2004 road trip when meth-induced psychosis made it impossible to continue. Among the escorts I interviewed were an Orlando couple who worked both seperately and together under the name Double Trouble Escorts; their professional names were Adrian Adonis — no relation to or association with the deceased professional wrestler — and Blake Mason. I do not know whether Mason is the same Blake Mason of the British porn website; the Mason I met was a Florida native of French Canadian descent. The couple lived quietly in a suburban neighborhood surrounded by families.

Reliable Narratives, Untitled, 2011. Jpeg for magnet used in the street-art exhibit Reliable Narratives: The Gist, July 31, 2011, San Francisco.

Since my journey takes me to Orlando today, what follows is a 2002 entry from Devon the Escort’s Diary, which was known on the former HooBoy’s Male4Male Escort Review as Devon’s Diaries, featuring an interview with Adonis and Mason. The latter fucked me after the interview; this was before I announced in my blog that I would no longer bottom. The image accompanying this post does not depict that encounter or anything involving Adonis or Mason. — Devon Britt-Darby

Here’s an excerpt from my interview with the Double Trouble Escorts of Orlando. They last worked for Disney before starting escorting:

Blake Mason: I worked at one of the [Disney] resorts as a server, and Disney’s up and down, it fluctuates, you know, from one month to the next depending on the time of year, and we ended up working there for a total of about eight or nine months, not making any kind of money, and so I made, the very first client that I had, I made what I would have made in a 40-hour week, working my butt off, and getting up at 6 o’clock in the morning so I could be at Disney at 7, until knocking off work between 3:30 and 5 o’clock every day. I made that in one hour, you know —

Devon: Working HIS butt off. [Laughter]

Blake: [smiling and winking] That’s right…

Adrian Adonis: I worked in the reservations area, doing everything a travel agent would do, basically, and getting paid $7.52 an hour. And I didn’t make any commissions, and – here’s one thing I always tell people –

Blake: The popcorn ball?

Adrian: Yeah. The popcorn balls. [Laughs] When I worked for Disney, they told me in training when I first started to write down every package you booked. And I did, I wrote down every single package I booked and the amount, and I worked for Disney for a total of six months, and by the time I left them, I – one person, mind you, made them $792,000.

Blake: And that’s just one person.

Adrian: [overlapping] One person. Now, yeah, a lot of that money goes back out into plane tickets and restaurants and all these other things, but you know Disney’s getting their cut. And here I am making $7.52 an hour and not even getting .5% commission, and one day I remember booking a $60,000 package for this family of eight, and my manager didn’t have anything for me, and they didn’t have a compensation thing for anyone doing packages like that. She gave me a popcorn ball [laughter] for booking a $60,000 package, and I think that’s about the time I realized that I was really, you know, making the bigger people a lot of money and I was sick of that; I was tired of it.

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