Miami nice

5 Dec

I have to admit the naysayers, doubters and no-commenters had gotten to me when I pulled into my downtown Miami hotel Thursday night, having arrived too late for the first day of Art Basel Miami Beach. And when I saw the parking lot next to the Miami Sun Hotel, which I’d gotten for $60 a night on Priceline, I wondered if I’d still have any of my stuff by the time the fairs had ended.

(Later, I learned the most secure place to park is actually across the street at Miami Dade College’s lot, where they have 24-hour surveillance cameras, etc. But the guys who run the lot directly next to the hotel kept an eye on my car, which suffered not so much as a scratch.)

And the folks at the family-run hotel took excellent care of me, starting with giving me by far the strongest, most consistent Internet connection I’ve had on this trip at a time when I most needed it. (If only my connection at home were this reliable.)

Reliable Narratives. Case Study Sunsets (Miami Remix), 2011. Jpeg.

I was so pleased I gave the (co?-)proprietor a magnet of one of my world-not-at-all-famous Case Study Sunsets, which drew a surprising amount of attention during my street exhibition of magnets at the Dore Alley Street Fair this summer in San Francisco. (As you’ll see a couple photos down, the inkjet printout on magnetic paper had some irregularities, causing the sunset to fade toward the bottom to a magenta-pink that matched the proprietor’s dress. So much of this stuff you just can’t plan.)

Reliable Narratives: The Gist. Street-art exhibit July 31, 2011 on Dore Alley between Folsom and Howard, San Francisco

I’ve got lots of news from the fairs and related activities, including my modified-train-wreck appearance during a Bad at Sports radio interview, exhibitors at Pulse and Miami talking shop off the record and knowing a ho on camera, and finally — finally! — consummating and sanctifying my marriage in the backrooms at what is now most definitely my favorite gay strip joint in Miami.

But first, I’ve got to get packed in time for checkout and head to my next stop, which fortunately isn’t far: Fort Lauderdale, the site of some of my craziest and most disgraceful antics during my 2004 road trip.

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